FAQS | Singing Bird Studios




Yes! All of the jewelry you see is made by me in my home studio.


Simply put, I charge a bit more due to the necklace options. I want you to have a substantial necklace with an actual clasp.

In addition, I offer a variety of lengths as well as ribbon as an option, and they are all included in the price.



I LOVE music.

When I’m in the car…I sing, when I’m making jewelry…I sing. I keep music on to motivate and inspire me. It keeps me going.

When I’m jammin’ to music and being creative, I feel like a singing bird…free to do what I enjoy. It’s the BEST!


I create many of the designs and phrases you see, but also use digital art and decorative paper.

I love to flip through fashion and decorating magazines to see what color combinations and patterns appeal to me. I take bits and pieces of what I see and apply it to my creations.

I have been making jewelry “on the side” for over 10 years. In 2012, my dream of owning my own business came true when I launched Singing Bird Studios LLC.

Now, my handmade creations are shipped all over the United States and as far away as Sweden! I am truly Blessed beyond measure.